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No rush.

No rush.


Finally found the perfect backless dress after weeks of searching! Instantly fell in love with this one in particular the very second I laid my eyes on it. Look at how vivid the color looks against my pale skin! Love at first sight, I tell ya. 😍

Lifestagram (iii)

Finally got around to tidying up my Instagram feed! Yay for cleaner filters and photos (but booooo, the number of photos on my feed has decreased significantly 😞)

On another note, I am so sorry for being inactive lately! My days have been quite unproductive and uneventful, which is why I’m thankful that classes are finally starting next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more and take lots of photos to make up for everything, but in the meantime, here are some that were taken the past weeks! :)

In everybody’s life there are hidden chapters which they hope may never be known.
- Agatha Christie, The Moving Finger (via shutter-cache)

(Source: simply-quotes)

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